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Will Yahoo or Bing Ever Overtake Google As The Dominant Search Engine?

Benjamin Franklin once said “In this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes.” Perhaps, in a way he was speaking about the question above. Shortly after Google first came into existence in the early 2000s, it quickly wiped all other (quote) “early search engines,” some of the first major ones to ever exist, off of the map and out of existence. They have not rested on their laurels since that time; Google has moved into other markets, it now has its own browser (chrome), its own operating systems (Android as well as ChromeOS), its own smartphones (Android), it has created Google Play, Google Drive, Gmail, it has acquired and owns YouTube, and this is just a partial list. The company has cemented its position, it is in no way weak, and it keeps growing. Google has become part of most people’s daily lives, it has even become a word – “I ‘Googled’ the hell out of that thing.” Perhaps it can be said that if Google loses control as the dominant search engine, then Microsoft will lose control of the PC operating system market. The chances are extraordinarily remote, in the utmost sense. In a purely technical sense, Microsoft has done a good job rolling out its own brand of search engine “Bing,” but it has in no way ever been able to compete with Google.

But, as Benjamin Franklin once said, nothing in the world is entirely certain. Perhaps one day a search engine will come along that will replace Google or offer it serious competition. But at the time of this writing, the chances are beyond extraordinarily small.

But though it is the dominant force in the search engine market, and likely will be long into the foreseeable future, Google, as well as other search engines, all of them – can be changed and manipulated. Here at HopLite, we’re experts in how to improve search engine rankings, driving any content that is harmful to you or your business far down in search engine results, so it can never cause anyone any difficulty ever again, and you can reclaim your Online Reputation. Don’t wait; call HopLite now, find out what we can do for you!

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