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When it comes to dealing with ORM, everyone always has questions; usually very good ones -- we have answers. That's why we've created a list of the most common things people ask about and made it available here. So you may be surprised you might find out what you're looking for without having to go very far. Feel free to browse below. These are just a small number of the ways we can help at HopLite when ORM problems strike.

What to Look For if You Need to Hire a Lawyer:

Most Online Reputation Management issues cannot be handled legally, as most problems that both businesses and individuals may face on the internet fall under the umbrella of free speech. However, there are certainly those that do in fact fall under defamation law, and as such should be handled that way (see our definitions of Libel and Slander). Here at HopLite, we like to work in tandem with legal professionals; but those who have problems that cannot be handled legally shouldn’t worry. We are more than capable of dealing with all Reputation Management problems -- suppressing negative search results very far down on search engine pages so chances become very remote they will be seen by anyone again. This is often 90% more effective than legal means (even though some problems in certain cases should in fact be handled that way as well).

We do have some recommendations however when searching for a lawyer for legal advice about Online Reputation problems. First off, understand that most things in this arena (but not all) cannot be dealt with under defamation law, and as such many lawyers might be very skeptical and may seem dismissive of the question you’re asking. They could be acting that way because defamation law is so narrowly defined in the US. If you feel you have not gotten a good answer from a lawyer and felt you were being dismissed unnecessarily for that or any reason however, you should get a second opinion, and find an attorney who you feel takes your concerns seriously and gives you advice you believe and trust. If you do hire someone to help, it should be someone who acts in line with your goals, and someone you feel comfortable working with. Not someone who is dismissive.

In general however, if you have any questions about ORM, call HopLite today. We have products and services available at any price range that can help you secure your online reputation once and for all!

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