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What to do if you find Negative Results about you or your Business in a Search Engine Query?

Every case is different, and the answer depends on who you are and your specific situation. If you're a business, it's likely you may find negative reviews about you, or perhaps angry comments posted on the internet from disgruntled employees. If you're an individual, there may be articles or newspaper postings about things that may have happened in the past, or in some cases, unflattering photos or videos, or comments made online by others. The first step, is determining how big a harm these comments or reviews are to you; if they occur on page 5 of a search engine query, it's unlikely anyone will see them, and studies show you probably shouldn't worry about them; but if they are on page 1, it's likely someone may see them, and you may want to do something about them.

One technique to try at first is to contact the individual or website where the negative comment or article is posted, or the individual who posted it, and see if they would be willing to remove it. This may work, or it may not, and it often doesn't; for example, newspapers are notoriously difficult to work with when it comes to these matters, because they are highly protective of every single article they put out, online or otherwise, and don't like to change them unless absolutely necessary.

However, there are some cases where this in fact may work, for example, if it's a negative comment posted on a social media website by an individual, and the individual in question violates the terms of service of the particular website or social media platform in question, like swearing, or posting violent comments (not just angry comments), you may in fact be able to get it removed. In general, asking to have the comment or post removed is a good way to start, but in the vast majority of cases where this fails and people hit a brick wall, and this doesn't work and you need help, you may want to consider an Online Reputation Management program to suppress the negative result so that it causes your reputation no further harm whatsoever. Asking to remove the negative listings often fails, but a targeted campaign will not.

Here at Hoplite, we're experts in services and techniques that can help make your internet reputation look excellent. If you have a question about Online Reputation Management Services, would like to find out more about an ORM campaign, or would just like some advise about your situation and how to proceed, feel free to give us a call. We love talking to users about what we can do for them. Don't wait, call us at HopLite Online Reputation Management Company.

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