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What Makes Google Different Than Other Search Engines?

The other two major search engines besides Google, at the time of this writing, are Bing and Yahoo respectively; the “new-comer” and “up-and-comer.” Google, at this point in time, is the “Ma Bell” of search engines. It was not the first search engine to ever exist; they did not invent the concept: in fact yahoo existed long before they did. But very soon after launching, Google came to dominate the search engine market. Early search engines such as Alta Vista and Lycos that were very popular for their day fell by the wayside. In fact, Yahoo is the only remnant of that time that still remains and is at the very least still in use today. In that sense they might be comparable to a very old early industry or railroad perhaps that happens to still exist after so many others like it in the same early category failed.

However, there are some differences between Google, Yahoo, and Bing, although Yahoo and Bing happen to be very similar. Google, tends to favor “older” content, and tends to rank content that is “established” (that is: it has existed for a long time) as higher than Bing and Yahoo. Bing and Yahoo, since they are not trying to exist exactly the same way Google does, but compete with them, are exactly the opposite. They favor much newer content over old, this has its advantages and disadvantages for the specific platforms.

If you have any questions about specific search engines however, and how they work, or how to influence them and change the specific search engine rankings: contact HopLite right away. We know how to deal with any online search platform to improve your rankings or to reclaim your Online Reputation – find out what we can do for you!

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