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When it comes to dealing with ORM, everyone always has questions; usually very good ones -- we have answers. That's why we've created a list of the most common things people ask about and made it available here. So you may be surprised you might find out what you're looking for without having to go very far. Feel free to browse below. These are just a small number of the ways we can help at HopLite when ORM problems strike.

Recommendations for Businesses on How to Avoid Negative Reviews in General

In theory, the best way to avoid Online Reputation Management problems would be to never have them at all, right? For businesses, this involves avoiding bad reviews or negative comments online before they occur in the first place. This means, in our internet-based world, good customer service and friendly relations with clients becomes more important than ever. No one wants angry customers going online to vent their frustrations to the world about your business. So it’s important to speak with all departments who have direct external contact with customers and let them know that dealing with all clients in a friendly and fair manner is a top priority. It’s also very important to clear that hurdle first for businesses from a Reputation Management sense, to make sure the problem is not being created internally and coming from your own organization and the way it deals with those it works with and provides services to externally.

However, even with the very best, attentive, and welcoming service to every customer or nearly every customer, bad comments do occasionally happen regardless. They can sometimes come from people who are simply angry and disgruntled at the world in general, and simply wish to lash out at someone or a business they perceive as not having served them well (even if it has). This means that such people can create bad reviews online, or worse, create whole websites dedicated to bad mouthing your organization that appear high up on Google search results. This really does have the serious potential to hurt business and draw away customers who are searching for your services online.

Here at HopLite, we’re experts at how to deal with websites and reviews that could be dragging down your business, and preventing you from getting the clients and customers you deserve. If you’re a business and are having a problem with your Online Reputation or internet search results, call HopLite today. Find out how we can help improve your Online Reputation and improve business.

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