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Is it True that Some Businesses Are More Vulnerable to ORM Problems than Others Because Of Their Names?

Yes, that is correct. To understand it, consider two different pizza places in two different physical locations. The first one is named “Town Pizza,” the second, is named after an obscure ancient Greek goddess named, Alectrona, hence “Alectrona’s Pizza.” Let’s say someone writes a negative article about them both on a website or blog (not a “review” per se, in this case, on a review site like Yelp perhaps). As one may suspect, there are many different “Town Pizza’s” in many different locations throughout the world; there are literally hundreds of pizza places throughout the United States alone with that exact name or very similar name. In the case of “Alectrona’s” that is not true, it is the only pizza place having that name anywhere (believe it or not). Therefore, a negative review on a website by an angry patron, where it is not directly specified on the page itself which “Town Pizza” you’re talking about when they wrote the article, may not show up on a direct Google search and cause any damage in quite the same way as it would if someone wrote the same (or very similar) negative comments about "Alectrona’s." In the latter case, unless Alectrona’s was very careful about what it had on the first page of its Google results (as well as other search engines), it is quite likely the negative review could appear very high up, and very quickly; there is no chance that the negative review could be “ambiguous” as to what restaurant it is taking about like “Town Pizza” where the negative review may go generally unseen and unregarded by everyone.

In general, what this means is that businesses with very distinct names are more vulnerable to negative comments, articles, and reviews than businesses that have more common names; or names that are shared by many different businesses. The reality is however, that businesses in practice generally cannot control what they are called; there may be a very real and identifiable reason that a business needs a distinct name independent of any search engines, and not all businesses can be lucky enough not to have names that stand out from the crowd. In fact, Online Reputation Management notwithstanding, that’s usually a good thing.

If any business, no matter what its name is, or what it produces or sells, is having a problem with Online Reputation Management -- contact HopLite immediately. We know how to get your business down the road to ORM success. Let us suppress and get rid of those negative comments, so they can't bother anyone again. Don’t wait, call or e-mail HopLite Today! Find out what we can do for you and your business!

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