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How Far Back Can HopLite Move Negative Search Results?

In theory, there is no limit to how far back negative search results can be moved, and here at Hoplite, we have the experience and technical skill to move negative content as far back as the client would like. However, in practice, it doesn't usually need to be pushed as incredibly far back as one might think. For businesses, studies show that once a negative search listing is off page one, and is pushed back to page two, it becomes much more unlikely that anyone (say, a potential client or customer) will see it -- but it still happens however once and awhile. Further, studies have also shown that once an unwanted listing has been pushed back from page two, and onto page three, studies show that the chances anyone at all will see it become very remote; in fact at that point (studies show) chances are higher than 98% no one will ever see it, and it will not cause any any further problem for the client.

For individuals, this is generally also the case; once a negative listing is off of the first page of a Google search studies have shown that most negative content becomes far less damaging, and once it’s off of page two, generally people do not see it at all. So, for example, in regards to a potential employer, it would be extremely unlikely they would ever see it, and therefore, the listing will cause the individual no further problem.

However, it is certainly technically possible to push a negative listing as far back as say, page six, page ten, or even fifteen (or more). If a specific client would like this service, it is certainly achievable, but it would take far longer to complete and move the result back that far. In general, all Online Reputation Management campaigns take time, and pushing it back to that point, and to those types of positions on search engine results would take many months, or even years to complete, and as such would be a custom job and not necessary for most users, but it is possible. Those interested in such a service should contact us immediately as we do have experience doing those types of jobs.

In general, any interested clients should contact us about a custom ORM Campaign designed to fit their specific needs and desires. Online Reputation Management Services are more affordable than one might think, for both businesses and individuals, and any organization or person who would like help with ORM should call us today about our different plans. Find out what we can do for you!

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