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When it comes to dealing with ORM, everyone always has questions; usually very good ones -- we have answers. That's why we've created a list of the most common things people ask about and made it available here. So you may be surprised you might find out what you're looking for without having to go very far. Feel free to browse below. These are just a small number of the ways we can help at HopLite when ORM problems strike.

Does HopLite Recommend that People Start an Online Reputation Management Campaign on their Own?

In general no, and there’s a very specific reason why. We do not wish to discourage do-it-yourselfers or do-it-yourself types in any way, shape, or form; it’s just that with Online Reputation Management, there tends to be a bit of a learning curve when you start off, even for those with a technical background. What tends to happen when people try it for themselves without any help is that people start off somewhat correctly, by building new social media profiles for themselves and posting positive content, but, they then don’t see results very quickly, or as quickly as they could with a standard ORM Campaign. In our experience, people then tend to become very frustrated, since there is not all that much information online (other than this knowledge-base along with a very small number of other sites) on how to run your own ORM, and people and businesses begin to wonder if they are doing any of it correctly. After a few months people wonder if they’re going about it all wrong since they’re only seeing a very small number of changes; when they’re really just missing three or four important things, and not very far off base, but not seeing enough results to feel that there isn't something seriously wrong with what they’re trying to do just on their own.

For people who are already very concerned about their internet search results, worried that it’s hurting their business or for individuals, the chance to be hired for a new job (or other potential problems as well), this tends to create a vicious cycle, where people start worrying even more than they already were if they feel they’re just spinning their wheels. They then begin wondering if the situation will ever improve. That’s why we recommend that people who want to improve their search results give us a call first. We have affordable packages for all levels: for businesses, and for individuals, at almost any price range. We also don’t ever mind giving out some free advice to folks just starting out about how they can get going down the road to Reputation Management success. Even if you plan to attempt to repair your search results simply by doing things yourself (which by definition will take longer than an ORM Campaign) you should still call us first so we can point you in the right direction. Don’t wait, give us a call at HopLite for some free advice and ask us about our affordable plans today!

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