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Does Google Have Rules About How Much Positive Content Can be Added in a Given Time?

That is in general the consensus among Online Reputation Management experts. Google does not like to update to itself in ways that might be deemed “suspicious.” For example, Google does everything it can to identify certain pages as “spam” and places them on lists to prevent them from ranking as highly as other content. This practice in the end is to ensure the relevance of Google as a search engine, as having the most highly "relevant" content appear at the very top of listings boosts its credibility.

For this reason, it is generally thought by most experts (including HopLite) that you should only have five (or so) new pages of any kind (social media, ORM specific sites, blogs, etc.) added per month. This is also the case with Search Engine Optimization Management, as experts in that domain swear by a very similar rule for improving website page rankings when engaging in the practice of link building as such. SEO link builders warn that adding more than five links per day (not per month like in the case of ORM), can seriously harm efforts to improve website rankings.

However, it should be made clear, that unlike SEO, if you put up more than five sites per month to improve your Online Reputation, they will not be “banned” or considered spam. It’s just not the most elegant or efficient way to run an ORM Campaign, and for best results, we do not recommend it. That’s why if you have any questions about how to proceed, and how best to improve your search engine rankings, don’t worry -- give HopLite a call. We know how to make your Google rankings shine, using standards that are the highest in the industry. Don’t wait call HopLite now!

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