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Can Online Reputation Management Help Me Find a Job? Even if I Don't Have Any Problem With My Online Reputation at all Whatsoever?

Yes, absolutely – reputation management can help almost anyone find a job, even if they have no problem of any kind with their online reputation, and never had any problems with it in the past. That's why ORM can work for everyone.

Here’s why that’s true. It used to be, that when a hiring manager received responses for a job listing that they had posted, they simply looked at the pile of resumes that were sent to them (completely in the blind), and then called individuals back based simply upon what was on the resumes they had received for the job in question (again, solely based on that). They then proceeded to do interviews with those candidates and decided which candidate was best suited based upon both the strength of the interview and the strength of their resume. While those two things of course still matter, the previous is absolutely no longer how job hunting now works from the employer’s point of view.

Nowadays, there is almost always a third step in that process; now, after hiring managers receive resumes regarding a position they posted, they then almost always perform an online google search (or sometimes use a different search engine besides google), and search for information about potential job applicants from the listings they find in the search engine results pages; sometimes, if they don’t do a google search directly (or use some other search engine such as Bing), they will seek out this information by going to several well-known online platforms (for example, such as social media and many others). They almost always do this before scheduling an interview, and sometimes after. What that means is that even if a resume is sparkling it may get passed over for another candidate if a hiring manager cannot locate any secondary information. This makes Online Reputation Management critical for finding a job nowadays. The reality is, the quality of the job an individual finds during a search can be directly impacted by whether they seek out reputation management services or not. It is the case nowadays that the previous becomes so important, that not seeking out these services can prevent an individual from finding the best job for them. Sometimes, if an employer can find no auxiliary information online about an applicant (from a google search, or other types of searches), they may pass over a person’s resume and select a candidate for whom the hiring manager is able to find that information about. The reality is, that in these days of job hunting, the above is absolutely in no way trivial.

Here at HopLite, we’re experts on what platforms employers use to search out information about potential applicants, and on how they do it. Not only that, we’re able to control google search rankings and control what information appears first (that’s right, FIRST) to the eyes of employers and the eyes of hiring managers everywhere whenever they search for you both on google or elsewhere. So, don’t wait, call HopLite now. We know how to handle any online reputation problems that may arise, and at price that is affordable. Find out how much of a difference we can make for you during your next job search!

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