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When it comes to dealing with ORM, everyone always has questions; usually very good ones -- we have answers. That's why we've created a list of the most common things people ask about and made it available here. So you may be surprised you might find out what you're looking for without having to go very far. Feel free to browse below. These are just a small number of the ways we can help at HopLite when ORM problems strike.

Are Specific Types of Positive Content Better Than Others When It Comes to Dealing With Online Reputation Management Problems?

Yes and no, in general, all positive content is a good thing when it comes to ORM, but some positive content ranks higher than others. Blogs, ORM specific sites, and user-created sites are all excellent, but Google seems to take social media very seriously, and seems to automatically rank sites like facebook very highly. For this reason, we recommend users of all kinds working on Online Reputation Management create social media profiles on major platforms and update them on a regular or semi-regular basis. Click here for a list of social media sites to start with, and as part of an ORM campaign, we can show you sites that rank even higher on Google and other search engines than those.

That said, other types of content should not be ignored, since Google likes it when it sees different types of content for a single search term. That’s why it’s generally considered best practice to put up many different types of content and vary it every month somewhat. Further, if you want help making sure your blogs actually show up in Google search results and are not left behind by search engines (which sometimes happens), contact us now.

In general, users should contact us for advice about how to get started improving their online search results. Doing it on your own can be very tricky, and we love talking with users about the process and giving some free advice on how to proceed. Don’t wait, call HopLite now -- find out how we can help you improve your Online Reputation!

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